Jumat, 10 Januari 2014

The Last

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She sat there on that bench nearest from the fountain
The same hour, the same food, and the same stare
Nobody seemed to know her
She was always all alone
      Until the last piece of bread she ate
      The world felt like spinning around
      Faster and faster
      She frowned
Her stare slowly got blur and blur
Blood dropped from her nose
She couldn't bear it anymore
That last tears and last name she called
      Suddenly her body felt so light like a feather
      upraised unto the sky
      She flew away and saw a very bright light
      The brightest light she has ever seen
She smiled
and disappear into the light

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Selasa, 07 Januari 2014

Zertifikat für Indonesische Deutsch-Studenten (ZIDS) - self experience

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ZIDS is a German certificate special for German Students in Indonesia. It is a must for them (including me) to pursue ZIDS test which is mostly for German students are kinda hard. I dont know why, but this is based on my own experience during the preparation class for ZIDS. The students were a bit lack of understanding the materials. They still did those mistake that were basically had been taught in the previous semester. Gawd... I was there... and I dint find my passion to learn because they didnt put any effort to pass the exam.. psssh.. bless us my Lord. Honestly.. I'm not really a suuuper smart student. I also have my own limit. There was a time that I really wanted to stop attending the class because I was pretty sure that it would just be boring as usual. But then I realized, just because some of my classmates are a bitttt lazey, doesnt mean it affects my willing to learn. So, I kept on attending the class.. and I never skipped. (lol what a boring story line).
There came the day.. the test was begin. People were so panic and even most of them still held their text book. The hell was that, lol. I sat on my chair, right in front of the teacher's table. No nervous feeling, no panic, since basically I've been through the same situation very often.. German tests. Aaaaaand lets just jump into the result.. frankly speaking I aaaaaam not really satisfied with my score.. really. I can do better than this! Hell 8')
So.. this year I decided to retake ZIDS class again and hopefully I can get a much much muchies better score than before. yo! okay! sexy! /lol forget it/

Minggu, 10 November 2013

Belajar Sejarah

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Mungkin hanya segelintir mahasiswa saja yang suka belajar sejarah. Begitu pula dengan saya pribadi. Hal yang selama ini buat saya merasa enggan mendalami sejarah yaitu karena saya tidak suka membaca buku. Selain itu juga cara guru mengajar ketika di bangku SMA dan SMP kurang menarik. Sehingga mindset untuk tidak suka pelajaran sejarah tertanam di otak saya.

Memang hidup kita tidak terlepas dari sejarah. Kita lahir dari sejarah. Kita juga hendaknya belajar pula dari sejarah. Sampai duduk di bangku kuliah pun sejarah masih menempel pada Kartu Rencana Studi saya. Judul mata kuliahnya "Deutsche Geschichte". Keren. Dimata kuliah ini kita belajar tentang sejarah negara Jerman. Hitler, Prusia, Perang Salib, Nazi dan lain sebagainya. Menarik.

Dari mata kuliah ini saya menjadi kagum dengan Jerman. Dua kali kalah perang di PD I dan PD II, mereka tetap bisa bangkit dan akhirnya menjadi negara maju dengan teknologi luar biasa seperti sekarang ini. Hal ini juga yang mendorong semangat saya untuk terus berjuang mendapatkan beasiswa ke Jerman dan studi disana. Banyak hal yang harus dipersiapkan, banyak hal yang harus diperjuangkan. Memang tidak mudah meraih mimpi. Tetapi dengan niat yang kuat dan usaha, mimpi itu pasti bisa tercapai. Semangat juga buat teman-teman yang ingin belajar ke Jerman. Jangan putus asa ^^

Saya semakin ingin mencintai sejarah-sejarah di Eropa. Banyak misteri dalam sejarah mereka yang menurut saya itu menarik. Isu mengenai seorang penyair terkenal Goethe yang konon pernah tergabung dalam gerakan iluminati, kisah gadis kecil Anne Frank yang kontroversial, peristiwa holocaust yang katanya hanya kebohongan belaka. Temanya menarik.. but again.. sulit menemukan waktu untuk membaca. Kenapa ya? bukan berlagak sok sibuk, tapi memang di semester ini hampir setiap hari saya pulang malam. Let's fix up everything and live even better. pssssh...

Kuliah Semester 3 sekaligus Semester 5

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Menginjak kuliah semester 3 dengan dibarengi oleh kuliah semester 5 cukup berat buat saya. Resminya saya memang mahasiswa semester 3, tetapi karena ada hal khusus maka saya juga bisa mengikuti sebagian perkuliahan di semester 5. Itung-itung memang menghemat waktu supaya tidak berlama-lama kuliah, hehehe. Meskipun semeter ini saya hanya ada 18 SKS tapi suka keteteran juga. Masalahnya ada mata kuliah di semester 5 yang cukup berat buat saya hahaha. Pintar-pintar memanage waktu itu memang sangat penting lho.. jangan terlalu asyik dengan organisasi atau hangout bersama teman-teman. Menyentuh tugas-tugas dari dosen itu juga penting. Apalagi di semester 5 itu kita butuh banyak membaca buku. Karena memang kebanyakan kuliahnya merujuk ke hal-hal analisis buku dan persiapa skripsi. Semoga saja bisa lulus kurang dari 4 tahun yaa. Amien.

Selasa, 02 April 2013

Luhan EXO M's name

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well as you know guys so many sites in internet say that our cute-manly-namja Luhan's name is Xi Luhan. But it has been confirmed that his real name is just Luhan, not Xi, without Xi. So yeah of course we will find it a little bit strange because chinese usually have three words in their name. So yeah Luhan's real name is just Luhan. His surname is "Lu" which is mean "deer" (lmao) xD

Redemittel Schriftlicher Ausdruck (Personlicher Brief)

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I just want to help those who still stuck to find some ideas how to write personal letter in German. So, I will give you guys some examples for the beginning of the letter. ^^

Place / Ort and date / Datum : this is important to write down on your paper if you are replying a letter. But if you got an e-mail, then you dont need to write down the date. Just write it on top-right-corner (?) of the paper like this :
 Berlin, den 2. August 2012

Anrede / Salutation : okay this is maybe just a simple part of the letter but you have to watch out of this part. 
  • If the sender consist of two persons and they are a boy and girl, you should write, for example: "Liebe Angela und lieber Thomas". So you should write the girl's name first then the boy.
  • If the sender is a girl then write : "Liebe Angela"
  • If the sender is a boy then write : "Lieber Thomas"

Einleitung / Introduction : this part is important because you will have to start the letter with a good beginning. But dont forget this one! After you wrote the Anrede, the first word begins with a small alphabet. So I will give you guys some examples :
  • ich danke dir für deinen (netten) Brief.
  • über deinen letzten Brief habe ich mich sehr gefreut.
  • es freut mich, dass du mir geschrieben hast.
  • leider hatte ich keine Zeit dir früher zu Schreiben.
  • wie geht es dir/euch? Mir geht es (nicht so) gut / Es geht mir gut, weil ....
  • es freut mich zu hören, dass...
  • ich wollte dir schon lange schreiben, aber es ist leider immer etwas dazwischen gekommen.
  • endlich habe ich ein bisschen Zeit und Ruhe gefunden, um dir zu schreiben/antworten.
  • danke für die Einladung und ich frreue mich darauf.
  • es tut mir leid, dass ich dir nicht früher geantwortet habe. Ich hatte viel zu tun. Ich war ziemlich beschäftig mit meinem Job/Studium/meiner Familie/....
Schluss / closing : it would be good if you can close your letter with a nice closing. So this is the examples for you :
  • Ich muss jetzt Schluss machen.
  • Schreib mir bald.
  • Ich würde mich freuen, bald wieder von dir zu hören.
  • Antworte mir bitte bald.
  • Ich hoffe, bald von dir.
  • Grüβ bitte dein/e Mutter/Vater/Geschwester/Familie/Freunde/usw... ganz herzlich von mir.
  • Ich hoffe, ich habe deine Fragen beantwortet.
Gruβ / greeting : there are some kind of greeting for your letter. There they are :
  • Viele liebe Grüβe
  • Viele herzliche Grüβe
  • Liebe Grüβe
  • Es grüβt sich
  • Dein/e
then after that just write down your name under the greeting.

Well that's all. I hope these would help your letter. ^^

Sabtu, 09 Maret 2013

I miss u Germany

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Its been two years!!! I miss that place!! Schlitz! Oh God please bring me back there...
I miss my friends too and all of those memories we've had together. I wanna come back back back!


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