Jumat, 23 Maret 2012

A Waaaar!!!

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Today I will have a Deutschvorlesung for my B1 Certificate. So I decide to do it seriously and with a big of lust! B1 is very important to me. I have applied for a scholarship to studienkolleg Indonesia and I have to gain the best score to get that scholarship. Well, if I dont make it, its okay. There are a lot of chance to go back to Germany. I think I'm in love with that country (hahaha). But, my big hope for this scholarship :)

The last score I've counted in my simulation is gut. Well, that was the best score I've gained. At the beginning, I just got befriedigend and befriedigend. Then I try my best for the next simulation and I got a 'gut' score. Not bad. But actually my target is 'sehr gut'. This is not easy though. I have a lot of problem with 'Leseverstehen' and 'Hörvertehen'. Well, its kinda terrible for me. I cant understand every single sentences in the text nor the people who speak in the dialog. But so far, its getting better day by day. So, I think I can overcome my problems.

Monday and Tuesday will be the real war!! So I hope that I can do my best and get the best score and get that scholarship and go back to Germany and get a lot of experience when I back to Indonesia. My wish is just simple: Hoffentlich klappt das!

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