Jumat, 20 April 2012

Here I am ... ^_____^

Diposting oleh dea dini di Jumat, April 20, 2012
Well people it's been a while rite?? hahaha
I just have a photo season for the book memories or.. something like that haha.
You know, a book or an album. It contains a lot of photos of senior students that will be graduate.
Aaaaand to keep us remain our friends, we made this book and take a photo together. Well, you know what I mean?? (Sorry bad English hehe).
Tired? Yeeess! I think it will take just an hour but in fact we've spent more than 3 hours I think.
Fun? Yes, but I dont want to do it everyday.. Soo tiring!
Now I understand Hows the models feel when they have a photo season. I think I prefer to be just a simple girl haha.

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