Jumat, 11 Mei 2012

Complicated day

Diposting oleh dea dini di Jumat, Mei 11, 2012

Well, yesterday might be the worst or maybe a precious time. First I heard news about the candidate that have been accepted to get the scholarship from Goethe Institut to study in Studien Kolleg Indonesia. OMG. I was so.. desperate and so speechless. Does it mean I didnt pass? Am so sad and angry with my self. Whyy??!! D': I'm so terribly sad at that time. Seems like my destiny will a bit getting far from me. Oh nooo. So, absolutely I have to take the university entrance exam. Oh God, if this is the best way for me. Ok I will take it and do it properly.

Next I went to my friend's house. Well, we have a kind of reunion. But on the way we went there, I slipped with my motorcycle and falling down on the street. awwch its hurt, my left foot and my right arm got a blister. Till now I cant easily moving my hand.

But we have a lot of fun though. We talked a lot and laughed. I'm enjoying my self gathered with them. Haah such a precious time :)

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