Senin, 10 September 2012

Campus Life!!!

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Hello there! I'm already a 'Stundentin' (in German) !! Woohoo! Very exciting! xD because I'm continuing my study in German Department. My super favorite subject. Hohoho!

But I've lost almost half of memories about German.. then I have to learn from the beginning to memorizes all part of grammar, structure, wortschatz, and so on.
I have a lot of friends in college for sure! More than when I was in High School actually.. They are very kind and friendly.

Actually, I have no idea why r they think that I'm so mastering in German. Honestly it just because I learned German first... that's why I more understand and a bit smarter than them... JUST A BIT okaay?? wkwkwkwk. My German is not that good.. I still have to learn a lot and if compared with the seniors.. I'm just like... nothing. LOL

Struktur und wortschatz II is the biggest problem I have noooow~ Because you know, we learn the grammar in this subject.. and how to make a correct sentences in German. Sometimes I don't know what I have to do with the endungen, artikel, and so on. Very very silly I am -_- I have to be moooreeee active in the class if I don't want to be the most lagging student :p

Moving from D7 to Q3 is actually not easy~ I have to manage the time to come on time. If not... I wont be able to attend the class, then I will get a bad mark. hoho! Oh no it wont happen!

Well... that's all about my campus life... I'm pretty sure it will be more fun day by day~ haha!

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