Kamis, 20 Desember 2012

Holiday is coming up~~~~

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Hi guys! Fiuh~~ finally after my long hiatus and my examination is over. I can write again.....
well... have u planned what will u do in holiday?? Me not yet :/ because.... I dont know what I have to do and besides... my family dont have any lust to go on a trip. thats suck rite? .... I know rite -.-

But something for sure will happen to us in holiday is that.... we would be a super damn lazzyass on the bed. yeah its true.. and really true. Hahaha! I actually want to spend my holiday with taking German course in Surabaya. but... my parents wont allow me because its too far. But I really want toooooo! ;A;
Because the nearest Goethe Institut is only in Surabaya and thats the best German course in Indonesia. I need to improve my German skill since I think my German is decrease day by day.... I dont know why. Its not suppose to be like this. I'm studying German in university, I should be mooore mastering German. But in fact.... I'm not. Maybe its because I have another unnecessary subject or something.. I dont know. I just want to increase my German because this is very important to me.
Gezzzzzz........... I hope I will have a beautiful holiday ahead.

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