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Zertifikat für Indonesische Deutsch-Studenten (ZIDS) - self experience

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ZIDS is a German certificate special for German Students in Indonesia. It is a must for them (including me) to pursue ZIDS test which is mostly for German students are kinda hard. I dont know why, but this is based on my own experience during the preparation class for ZIDS. The students were a bit lack of understanding the materials. They still did those mistake that were basically had been taught in the previous semester. Gawd... I was there... and I dint find my passion to learn because they didnt put any effort to pass the exam.. psssh.. bless us my Lord. Honestly.. I'm not really a suuuper smart student. I also have my own limit. There was a time that I really wanted to stop attending the class because I was pretty sure that it would just be boring as usual. But then I realized, just because some of my classmates are a bitttt lazey, doesnt mean it affects my willing to learn. So, I kept on attending the class.. and I never skipped. (lol what a boring story line).
There came the day.. the test was begin. People were so panic and even most of them still held their text book. The hell was that, lol. I sat on my chair, right in front of the teacher's table. No nervous feeling, no panic, since basically I've been through the same situation very often.. German tests. Aaaaaand lets just jump into the result.. frankly speaking I aaaaaam not really satisfied with my score.. really. I can do better than this! Hell 8')
So.. this year I decided to retake ZIDS class again and hopefully I can get a much much muchies better score than before. yo! okay! sexy! /lol forget it/

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